King County

  • 201 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA, USA

About King County and Metro:
As the only county in the United States named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Metro proudly seeks to live up to his principles and values of equity and social justice for all. King County is home to many diverse communities, and at Metro we cherish all that is unique about them. We seek to ensure that our services are culturally responsive to all communities within our service area. 

Metro is striving to build an enduring legacy of diversity and inclusion, equity and social justice, employee engagement, innovation, continuous improvement, safety, and environmental sustainability. King County government and Metro Transit have adopted a pro-equity agenda to advance this legacy.  We are actively developing the systems and standards necessary to achieve better outcomes for all of our residents and our employees. We are changing the way government delivers service--for example by actively engaging the people we serve in our planning processes. Through innovations like these Metro has won national recognition as a model of excellence.

At King County Metro Transit we believe:
Our diverse culture encompasses the unique perspectives, knowledge, skills and abilities, and the rich dimensions of identity each member of the Metro community brings to work every day. These perspectives and human dimensions are built through life experiences and membership in socially defined groups. The diverse experiences and perspectives of our employees help us serve King County residents in an equitable, and culturally responsive way.