MiQ is an independent marketing intelligence company with the people and technology that help businesses win. It is our vision to reimagine the value of marketing by connecting data and discovering insight to drive business outcomes.

MiQ is one of the first companies in the media and marketing industry to fully adopt Marketing Intelligence as its core business strategy. Marketing Intelligence connects marketing to business outcomes by turning siloed, unstructured data into meaningful action that fuels brand strategy.

MiQ believes that Marketing Intelligence is not only about understanding who their consumers are, but what drives their decisions. Online browsing, offline location and purchases, multi-channel touchpoints – even the cultural and economic trends around us – all offer their own unique part of the answer. It is through the access to this diverse and comprehensive perspective of user behavior, along with the data science and human ingenuity required to distill this, that MiQ provides marketing intelligence which decodes the consumer and drive meaningful business outcomes.