Centerline Solutions

Centerline Solutions is an award-winning provider of any services needed in the wireless telecommunications sector. We strive to deliver exceptional value to clients by embracing hard-charging innovation and high-reaching differentiation as we Design, Build, Modify and Maintain wireless networks nationwide. As a full turnkey provider, our services are performed in-house affording our talented staff complete control of all project aspects from start to finish. Centerline Solutions is headquartered in Colorado with offices in Arizona, Washington, Hawaii, New York, Florida and Georgia, but we bring our front-running solution set nationwide. With over 300 employees managing projects throughout North America, Centerline Solutions serves the major wireless providers, equipment manufacturers, tower owners, government entities and private industries with industry-leading customer service and uncompromising attention to detail.

Mission: We exist to be the ultimate enablers of connectivity for all things wireless. We are propelled by our belief that there are no limits to performance when you stay ahead of the curve.