Moogsoft's flagship product, Incident.MOOG, is a next-generation manager of managers (MoM), providing an incident early warning and collaborative remediation platform for IT Ops and DevOps teams. Its machine learning approach contextualizes alerts into single Situations, reducing the number of actionable events that have to be handled, accelerating incident resolution, increasing service quality and reducing costs.

Mission: Moogsoft is the most exciting place to work if your passion is service assurance. Phil Tee and Mike Silvey co-founded the company in 2011 in response to the lack of innovation in systems management and service assurance over the past 10 years-a market that Phil and Mike were instrumental in shaping when they brought Netcool to market (1993).

The Moogsoft team is changing the world by making sure your network, systems and applications are there when you need them most.