Juno Therapeutics

Juno Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company developing novel cellular immunotherapies based on two distinct and complementary platforms – Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) and T Cell Receptors (TCRs) technologies. Our goal is to revolutionize medicine by re-engaging the body’s immune system to treat cancer.

Our headquarters, situated in the bustling South Lake Union district of Seattle, sits among some of the most visible organizations in the world. Seattle offers award-winning restaurants, a vibrant, hip music scene and spectacular views of water and mountains. Within an hour’s drive of Seattle, you can be fishing, skiing, hiking or tasting world-class Washington wines.


Mission: Our mission is based on a belief that cell therapy can become a third pillar of medicine, to revolutionize the way cancer is treated.

We are continually looking for ways to bring innovative minds to Juno, fearless people who can imagine the possibilities and deliver with a sense of urgency.