Since the 2000 inception, our growing team has developed quality product through Guild Wars and its world renown sequel Guild Wars 2. Constantly striving to challenge genre conventions in the MMO market, the Guild Wars franchise has continued to stay buy-to-play in a market fueled by pay-to-play strategies.

Leading up to the release of Guild Wars 2 in August 2012, the game accumulated an impressive 1 million pre-orders. Continuing to break the mold, our dedicated team has pushed monthly releases and even went on a two week release schedule to support our living, breathing world.

ArenaNet's success comes from our collaborative work environment that helps foster our creative talent. Our bright and welcoming studio, that is completely free of cubicles, aids with communication between teams and departments in order to deliver polished content.
If you have what it takes to be a part of one of the most successful MMO teams in the market, check out our currently open positions and apply!