Invitation Homes

Invitation Homes has pioneered and led the development of the professional single family rental industry. In less than five years, we established the industry’s leading home leasing company with approximately 50,000 homes, serving 120,000 residents in 14 markets.

We’re bringing quality choices to individuals and families who want flexibility, lack of stress, access to good schools, and the ability to live in a location convenient to work. And our innovative investments in neighborhoods are helping rejuvenate communities across America.

Invitation Homes residents benefit from dealing with experienced property managers working at a world-class company. Our unparalleled knowledge of residential property, combined with our financial stability and entrepreneurial vision, has enabled us to lead the way in today's single-family rental market. If you’re interested in a career with us, check us out at

Mission: Owning houses is the easy part. What sets us apart that we’re committed to making them homes where people can thrive. So our mission is: Together with you, we make a house a home.