Saltchuk is a privately owned family of diversified transportation and distribution companies headquartered in Seattle. Throughout North America, Saltchuk companies provide air cargo, domestic and international shipping and logistics, marine services, nationwide and Alaska trucking & logistics, and petroleum distribution. We believe in–and champion–the inherent value of our companies’ individual brands. The Corporate Home provides leadership and resources to our companies, but not direct management of their operations. We do, however, provide integrated leadership in ethics and compliance, finance, capital deployment, risk management, human resources and internal audit. Although Saltchuk has grown considerably since its founding in 1982, the Corporate Home employs only about 50 people and has retained the collegial and entrepreneurial culture of a much smaller organization.

Mission: Saltchuk is a values-driven organization. We put safety first. We are reliable — we take care of our customers and conduct business with honesty and integrity. We are committed to each other, to protecting our environment, and to contributing to our communities, in a work environment where anyone would be proud for their children to work.