Fair Pay: Finally, a mission you can actually buy into! PayScale is the world leader in modern compensation software. If you work here, you can be a part of making sure people get paid fairly. What's more important than that?

Want to join the pay-transparency revolution? We're disrupting the compensation industry and are looking to hire talent with diverse perspectives. We foster a playful atmosphere where highly motivated individuals can truly innovate. Are you a bright, tenacious, and pioneering professional? If so, PayScale may be the perfect place for you to grow your career!

Not a finance expert? No worries. We're hiring for all positions and all walks of life. Our current staff includes mothers, musicians, Magic the Gathering players, Mariners fans, and everyone in between. Not the socks with sandals guy though. You, sir, cannot sit with us.

We're also...kind of a big deal...Not to brag or anything, but we placed in Seattle Business Magazine's 2016 100 Best Companies to Work For!

Mission: Compensation used to be a dark art. Not anymore.

PayScale's mission is to help companies design, communicate and optimize compensation strategies that enable their business and employees to thrive.