DineEquity was created from a foundation established by IHOP - an American icon to our guests and a franchising company focused on providing strategic, visionary leadership for our franchisees, unparalleled opportunities for our team members, and enhancing value for our shareholders. By bringing Applebee's together with IHOP in November 2007, we made a bold, new commitment to our brand-revitalization abilities and to the power of franchising. DineEquity has successfully made our two businesses more powerful and more successful than either brand could have been apart. Our dedicated focus combined with a core expertise in brand revitalization and franchising know-how is the basis for the winning formula that has defined the financial success of our business.

Mission: At DineEquity, we work with exceptional people, in an environment where our influence is maximized. We strive for collaborative innovation. We use our voices to drive change. We encourage autonomy and minimize red tape. We work together and share ideas, perspectives and best practices. We see how the actions we take every day extend outward - affecting team members, franchisees, our brands, our industry, and our communities.