VASCO Data Security

VASCO is a global leader in trusted security with two-factor authentication, transaction data signing, document e-signature and identity management solutions designed for all businesses and government agencies. VASCO also secures access to data and applications in the cloud and provides a robust toolset for application developers to easily integrate security functions into their web-based and mobile applications. More than 10,000 customers in 100 countries rely on VASCO to secure access, manage identities, verify transactions, simplify document signing and protect high value assets and systems.

Mission: Peace of mind for all businesses and government entities with complete and proven digital security solutions.
Most organizations seek to strike the right balance of online protection with an optimal user experience. We developed an innovative platform (patented security technologies, strongest encryption and latest in biometrics) that enable custom tailored solutions for each customer. This translates into more focus on the business and less on security vulnerabilities and compliance exposure.