Bonaventure Senior Living

• We are passionate about seniors: Our passion for serving seniors is the driving force of our company. Our residents are to be honored and appreciated for their personal value and lifetime of accomplishments.

• We value teamwork: We respect and value all team members. We foster an environment which promotes open communication and collaboration while maintaining individual accountability.

• We strive for innovative excellence: From the smallest task to the largest project, on an individual or group level, we strive for excellence and innovation. We are committed to continuously improving, learning and developing.

• We accomplish our work with integrity: Follow through on our promises and commitments to all we serve and work with.

• We are proud of our financial stability: We make business decisions which ensure long term value, not promote short term gains. Financial stability allows us to operate with integrity.

Mission: To provide an exceptional senior lifestyle through a dedicated and compassionate team, innovative communities and enriched services that promote dignity, choice and independence.