Dickinson Fleet Servicesd

Dickinson Fleet Services is owned and operated by Bob Dickinson, CEO, Dick Dickinson, President and COO, Mike Dickinson and Ted Coltrain ,Executive Vice Presidents. Since 1997, DFS has grown from a 3 shop company to the largest independent Fleet Maintenance Company with 13 facilities and 165 mobile maintenance trucks nationwide. Working with national accounts, we're developing electronic reports for them to manage our performance, along with their fleet. DFS has spent millions of dollars developing proprietary technology to help our customers manage their fleet. By setting KPI’s and developing reports to track to those KPI’s, you maintain complete control over your fleet and costs. Some companies in our industry believe in a single approach to maintenance. They don’t have the technology or time to customize their program to fit your needs. Other companies are limited in what they can provide; some provide maintenance, others provide fleet management. We provide both.

Mission: Our mission is built of preventative maintenance and maintenance excellence. A good preventative maintenance program will keep your fleet safe, legal, and dependable. It will also keep your costs down.

With the technology we have developed, we guarantee consistent PM’s nationwide, done on time, by highly-trained technicians. Plus, you will receive daily updates on your PM currency and follow-up repairs.

We will become your single source vendor for all of your fleet needs.